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Our Approach to Client Service

At Wright Family Law Group, we are committed to providing the highest standards of service with the utmost integrity. We respond to your inquiries promptly. We believe that to earn your trust, we must be responsive and provide competent, useful analysis of all viable options to help you make the best decisions for you and your family. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and obtain optimal results. We continue to build our practice on the basis of timely advice, sound representation, and fair and reasonable fees for our services.

At Wright Family Law Group, we know that experience is what gives you the competitive edge in the effective handling of your case. Our attoneys not only have substantial Massachusetts courtroom experience, but also have solid backgrounds in areas such as accounting and social services that bring a value-added aspect to each and every case.

We believe that the alliance and bond that your form with your attorney is an important factor in helping you get through your situation. We never underestimate the seriousness of our client’s circumstances and understand that our clients depend on us for guidance and advice. We consitently strive to exceed client expectations by fostering a relationship with the client that lasts long after the case has been resolved.

We know that keeping the client well-informed and responding promplty to all questions keeps the case moving forward and will help give you peace of mind. Staying well-informed throughout the process, and immediately addressing your concerns and questions, you will never be left to feel ignored or that your case is not important to us. We make a commitment to stay 100% available to our clients and are always readily accessible via phone, email and text.

We do not take a ‘hired gun’ approach to practicing law unless absolutely necessary. We always try to cooperatively work with opposing counsel on your Massachusetts case to try and achieve a reasonable settlement of the legal issues your are facing, either through mediation or some other alternative dipute resolution process. In the event that we cannot resolve your case, Wright Family Law Group is fully prepared to present your case at trial. We have the skills and the knowledge to effectively argue your position efficiently and with value-added client care.

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